9 thoughts on “Riding from Lake Arenal to Alajuela on the not so beaten path

  1. Awesome video and music!! I’ve got your blog on my bloglist now so I, and others can follow your adventure!! I work with your mom at the MidValley Medical Plaza in Lebanon and have really enjoyed watching the two of you and hearing from her how you are doing!!! Good Luck! Martha

  2. WOW! what a ride that was! My knees are weak looking at the downhill side of the embankment. Maybe the roads aren’t as narrow as they look, I hope that’s the case. Especially with those ROCKS! Yikes! It’s really fun following you guys.
    Take care,

  3. Hey hey buddy, awesome video! Happy St. Patty’s Day, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! Take care and we’ll be talkin.


  4. Awesome video Andrew! Your choice of music was perfect for it haha. I’ve been traveling like crazy lately, but still follow your progress daily. I’m glad you both are having a great time and are staying safe! Cheers!

    • Glad to still have you along. I sent you an email today…hope the traveling is a good sign. Get ready for some David Lee Roth coming up soon….

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