The Adventure

It all started one evening when I was visiting Alex in Ashland, OR.

I was sipping on Balvenie Scotch sitting in Omar’s bar griping about the monotony of life. Alex asked me what I would do if I had all the money and resources to do what I wished…..I have always had a desire to visit South America (no idea why, it just intrigues me). I also have a passion for adventure, motorcycles, and the great outdoors. I figured I would just combine them all and ride a dirt bike to South America with some camping gear. Alex thought this sounded like a kick in the pants and he is usually game for just about anything so he wanted to make a pact that him and I would complete this adventure.

Of course I agreed but I really wasn’t confident that this would happen. I made the typical excuses about how irresponsible it would be, putting a “career” on hold, spending far more money than I should, etc…..  About a month later some other life events came into play and I realized that I can’t afford NOT to do this.

Called Alex up….talked about the feasibility of doing this only a couple months away….needless to say he was game. Seriously….Yep, you serious….yeah, definitely….cool. HOLY SHIT WE’RE ACTUALLY DOING THIS!! At first it was pure elation and excitement. Then the mind set turned into preparation and organization which is an area that I excel in however it is not as good as it may sound. My employers have enjoyed this trait while for me it simply exploits predictability = not fun.

Alex and I agreed to not plan any travel points, destinations, routes, etc…. Neither of us have even looked at maps. We made an agreement that we would simply “wing” the entire trip, otherwise we might not find what we may or may not be looking for.

Our preparation has consisted of obtaining proper paperwork, vaccinations, camping gear, riding gear, medical supplies, electronics, etc…. Now that the preparation is complete we need to set off into the unknown….

Our first issue will be getting from Oregon to the Mexico border. We are going to try and post a craiglist ad and see if we can’t catch a ride on a truck/trailer down to LA or San Diego or even San Fran. The idea is we would rather not burn up our sprockets, chain, tires, brakes, etc… on California…we’ve both been there…meh


12 thoughts on “The Adventure

  1. Wow! I can not tell you guys how jealous I am.. It’s like you crawled into my head and stole every dream I ever had. I’m only 19 but I’ve had this burning desire to do just about everything you two are doing. Right down to the same bike too! I’m saving up for a Drz as we speak and boy has it taken forever.. I just want that freedom to get up and take off with nothing but the road ahead. I wish you two the best of luck and hope you guys have the time of your lives! Keep this updated cause you never know, maybe someday after you’re done it’ll be my turn to live the dream!!(:

    • Thanks a ton for the well wishes Tyler! I’m actually jealous of you that you have this dream at the age of 19. You’ve got a big headstart on us and you’ll probably be flying across the Sahara by the time you’re our age. I remember working my ass off back in highschool to afford bikes but that was just for the sand dunes……just remember that when you do have the means to go, a lot of people will give you reasons/excuses why you shouldn’t. F*’em, it’s your life. Hopefully I’m reading about you in a few years…take care Tyler.

  2. Hi Andrew, I had lunch with your Mom today, and she showed me on her phone where you are today. Wow! what an amazing adventre you are having. I wish you both well, it does sound exciting and yet a bit scary at the same time. I will be following along on your journey. You have my admiration, OH! to be young again! Take care.

  3. Hi andrew,watching your travel on my iPad . You must be having fun on nthe baha. Hope are your bikes holding up. Stay safe. You are in my players daily. Love youw

  4. OK, So I ran into Alex and Andrew at my vavorite taco stand here in LB started chatting the boys and hearing the short version of the get drunk at Omars in Ashland and see what happens. Well being a born / raised in the Rouge valley and having a few of those same evenings at Omars with the same question what the hell happend! I started thinking people reading this post should share the similar stories. My story started in the Medford Apt where I lived 30 years ago with the 1st wife we had the usual Fri evening activities started when the inevitable question arose what to eat/where? Omars for adventure and the party loaded and headed south. I havent been to O in 20 years but I imagine it is alot of the same good eats and plenty of cocktails but the 80′s usually had a little extra kick along side for desert, thats when our briliant ideal came about to head up to the Mt A and head out for a hike to party and crash out in Dr Slaughters cabin some where on the back side looking down into Scotts Valley!! Rinde was sure it would only take us a hour or so to make the hike! Well shit we were already in Ashland so no need to take the time and head back for proper gear for a late Jan snow hike F&% IT lets grab a cold case and a bottle of Hot Dam and hit it! power sliding up the mountain per usual we headed to the back lot and headed out my X already bitching and complaining per typical the other 5 of us were on a mission. Needless to say the flashlight went out 1/2 mile in but we had 60% moon so the journey continued into the midnight hour. Several hours later the case was getting light and the Hot Dam gave us the courage to continue on because at this point we had passed the return point and really had to find this cabin!! Well our stupid ideal from Omars worked out and we found that isolated cabin soaking wet, frozen cold but Scott had saved a bottle of nice bourbon to warm the cockles by the fire and we all have the story of the adventure to remember. Omars/ Friends/ Adventure Humm,
    Alex and Andrew pleasure to meet you guys glad to help out a bit you will always find people and places along the way to show you human spirit, Enjoy the Journey, Ride Fast, Take Chances!

    • Kirk really saved my ass in Los Barilles coming through with a part that I needed that would have been impossible to find or get shipped in. There is a post and pictures to come but we are having too much fun right now drinking tequila in tequila mexico to find the time to sit around the computer. Thanks again Kirk!

  5. You two are wild! I’ll call you guys the new Che Guevara and Alberto Granado. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun, and it’s nice to see you are doing alright. Arenal is one of the best parts of Costa Rica, good choice. Cuidado en Columbia amigos, las muchasas son peligrosos haha.

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