The Gear

I will start out by saying that I am a firm believer in spending money upfront on high quality gear. That does not mean that I condone wasteful spending as there is a certain “realm” in which you can venture where return on investment just isn’t there.

I am fully aware that you could potentially complete this journey with a poncho and a pair of flip flops but I couldn’t commit to that up front. A lot of my gear/equipment is new to me and I will be writing a review on certain articles when I feel that they are well deserved. If I don’t cover an item feel free to inquire about it.

Helmet: Arai XD4

Communications: SENA SMH-10-11

Jacket/Pants: KLIM Badlands

Boots: SIDI (these are 15 year old motocross boots…I almost bought the SIDI Adventure boots but figured that $500 would be better spent extending my journey)

Luggage: Wolfman Expedition saddle bags, medium sized duffel, two bottle holsters, and front fender bag. Also a Giant Loop Tank bag modified to fit the Safari Tank. Pelican hard cases for laptop and SD memory cards.

Electronics: GoPro 3 Black Edition, Canon Powershot SD1200 IS, Dell 1100 Inspiron Notebook, iPhone 4, Garmin 60CSX GPS unit, SPOT Tracker,

Camping Gear: REI Radiant 0* Sleeping Bag, Silk sleeping bag liner, REI two man something or other tent, Thermarest sleep pad, MSR XGK stove, SteriPen,

Media Services: SmugMug photo hosting account, Skype for phone calls, THIS blog that you are reading, Youtube account, hopefully some good support coming from ADVrider,


Here is my Pelican case with electronics. Hopefully everything survives the bumps and bruises….

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